US Work Visas – US Immigrant Visas for Foreign Citizens

Today, the United States annually issues 140,000 work-based immigrant visas to foreign workers and their families. In most cases, you must have a job offer from a US employer to obtain a work visa. Such an employer must independently apply for a foreign worker. Once you are authorized to work in the US, your case will be transferred to the National Visa Center (NVC). After receiving approval for the request for a US work visa, it is transferred to the consulate in the visa applicant’s country. 

Most categories of US work visas are limited to workers with specialized skills or skilled workers, which the US economy needs to include. One exception to the rule is in the third priority category. Please note that the waiting time for a US work visa can be long and changes periodically in accordance with the immigration authorities’ decisions. 

Categories of work visas for immigration to the USA

EB-1 Extraordinary Talent Visa:

Category One – EB1 – This category refers to people with extraordinary talents in the arts, science, education, business, or sports. To belong to this group, a candidate must present international awards and official recognition of his unique talent. This category also includes outstanding professors or scientists with the necessary evidence from recognized international experts. This category also includes executives of international companies who are transferred to work in the United States at a branch of the same company. 

EB-2 Scientist Visa:

Category two – EB2 – this category includes people with advanced degrees or individuals with exceptional talent. The candidate must submit a job offer, and the employer must submit a request. The candidate must also prove that his talent is of national interest to the United States. The employer must obtain permission from the Ministry of Labor before applying for a work visa for a foreign worker. To obtain this authorization, the employer must prove that it could not recruit American workers with the necessary skills for this position. Please note that obtaining such a work permit is a lengthy and costly process.

EB-3 Skilled Worker Visa:

Category three—EB3—applies to professionals, skilled workers, and other workers. Obtaining a United States work visa for this category requires prior approval from the Department of Labor.

EB-4 Special Occupation Visa:

Category Four—EB4—This category includes several unique situations, including religious leaders, doctors, broadcasters, widows, and widowers of US citizens, and a number of other cases. Those seeking a work visa to immigrate to the United States from the above range of situations are not required to submit the same request as described above.

EB-5 investor visa:

Category Five – EB5 – This category is intended to encourage the immigration of investors who have invested at least a million dollars in a business in the United States, provided that the business employs at least 10 American citizens full-time for two years. 

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If you want to move to the United States for temporary or permanent residence, you should pay attention to the variety of work visas available in American labor immigration. This number of visa categories allows the American economy to develop. However, it is not always possible for an employer to find US citizens as employees.

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