Our unique expertise

1. Our experience is a crucial factor in the successful management of the client portfolio. We will make sure that your case is handled professionally from start to finish.

2. Because of our in-depth knowledge of the laws related to our areas of expertise, we are able to prepare a winning portfolio. We also offer insight and can determine the chances of success, based on patterns and past cases.

3. Our expertise creates the foundation for extremely high success rates. We are skilled at telling the client’s side of the story in a manner that ensures positive outcomes.

עמוד הבית
עמוד הבית

We know the system

1. While the institutionalized government system acts in accordance with the language of the law, government representatives can make mistakes.

2. We know how the system works and we are accustomed to handling issues when difficulties arise. When we contact them, they answer.

3. Our experience has enabled us to develope creative methods for streamlining procedures to achieve the best possible results.

Fair fee policy

1. The cost of the initial meeting is deducted from the total fee if you choose to work with us. We examine your case and provide honest feedback about the chances of success. We will not accept cases unless we are confident in the potential of success.

2. You can pay 50% at the beginning of the procedure and the balance towards the end.

3. In certain cases, you can pay all fees in advance, and we will refund the full fee if the desired result is not achieved.

עמוד הבית

Why choose us?

עמוד הבית


עמוד הבית

Complex Case Management

עמוד הבית

Excellent Success Rates

Cohen Brosh Law Offices

Since its inception, the law firm of Cohen Brosh has engraved on its banner the values ​​of dedication, excellence, and professionalism.

Over the years, Cohen Brosh has become a leading law firm, mainly due to its desire for innovation and a global vision.

The firm is known for its extensive experience in immigration and commercial law and provides its services to local and international clients.

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