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Obtaining legal status in Canada

The Canadian government has announced opening its borders to more than one million immigrants in the next 2-3 years. Today, there are more than 60 immigration programs in Canada, which is why it is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants. Our attorneys understand how complex the immigration process can be, so we assist our clients at every stage. If you are planning to move to Canada for permanent residence, our office will be happy to provide you with our services; we specialize in such programs as:

Investment program – The Government of Canada is interested in potential investors and entrepreneurs who will contribute to the country’s economic development. Our office can help you create a new business, invest in an existing one, find a startup, or even build a farm. Whether you are an existing business owner looking to expand your business in Canada or an investor looking for business opportunities, we at Cohen Brosh can help you plan and manage your business immigration process.

Work Program – Most people who come to Canada seek a suitable job there. We help qualified and experienced workers become permanent residents in Canada based on their economic potential.

Family reunification – This is one of the priorities of immigration to Canada. At Cohen Brosh, we understand the importance of family relationships. We are committed to helping you connect with your loved ones in Canada.

For temporary work, study, or visit to Canada, Canadian Immigration Law is designed to make it easier for temporary residents to enter. A temporary resident intends to stay in Canada for a limited period. This includes tourists, foreign temporary workers, and international students. We at Cohen Brosh can help you obtain a permit to work, study, or visit Canada.

Denied Entry into Canada – In many cases, our clients were people who have been refused entry into Canada or even deported based on a past criminal record or other reasons. In most cases, we can intervene to persuade immigration authorities to approve the return of individuals who have been denied entry into Canada. We will ensure your arguments are heard, and you are guaranteed a fair trial.

At the Cohen Brosh Law Firm, we understand that every case is unique. For this reason, we strive to provide customized services to our clients. Our office offers various legal services and supports legal entities and individuals at all stages of the immigration process. We work hard to achieve the best result. Thanks to our experience and planning capabilities, we can accompany you every step of the way. Contact us for more information about options for emigrating to Canada.

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