How to Get the Investor Visa for Moving to Canada

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Canada is one of the most hospitable countries that provide the best conditions for immigration. The first reason is the natives are not able to meet all employment requirements. Canada needs high-qualified personnel and labor forces to boost its economy.

The biggest demand for competent and skillful human resources is in small provinces because locals move to the other regions of the country constantly. The second reason is that Canadians are loyal to family immigration. Current laws in the country allow members of one foreign family (spouses, children, grandparents, other relatives, and even care-takers) to issue a permanent resident card.

Also, there is a possibility to become a resident of Canada using a regular tourist visa. The individual just needs to get married to a Canadian or a resident of the country during the period of the visa. One more chance to get a permanent resident card or citizenship is available for foreign investors. Those willing individuals who have come to Canada for work-related purposes and put their money into a business are able to get a special investor visa. We will tell you more about it in this article.

The benefits of the immigration

The process of getting a visa for further immigration is simplified in Canada. If we compare it with the same process of moving to other countries including Europe and the USA, immigration to Canada seems far from complicated at all. It looks attractive to foreigners because:

  • This is a simple and fast way to get Canadian citizenship. Residents can issue a passport after several years.
  • Locals and other citizens of the country are loyal to newcomers. Canada is the first country that has started to protect the value of multiculturalism. All Canadian people and immigrants can stay identical and unique maintaining the freeman status. That is why people of other countries despite their political, religious, and other views are integrated into society without any difficulties.
  • All family members can move to Canada at once. Citizenship is possible to obtain for husband or wife, for children or parents. The potential immigrant can be a sponsor to applying for a visa for relatives. After this process, all members of the family become residents of the country and get a permanent resident card. It will give them all rights, benefits, and opportunities.
  • Standard of life. Canada has been on the list of the top countries according to the statistical data of various international ratings. This country is rated high in different spheres of activities and according to many aspects that are necessary for high-level standards of life. Education, public healthcare services, social safety, are consistently at a high level. Additionally, Canada is notable for its ability to maintain the firm-in-position economic and political situation in the country. Thanks to the smart policy and high performance of the public healthcare services, the average age of life of Canadians is 82 years.
  • Canada is a multilingual country. There are 2 official national languages – they are English and French. Potential residents must prove their knowledge of either English or French. Even those who use an investment visa for immigration. The second language can be learned directly in the country.
  • Canadians are true freedom lovers. This country like the Scandinavian group of countries was the first who had legalized same-sex marriage, secured the right to use marijuana at the state level, and became loyal to the desire of individuals to change their sex. It proves the fact that freedom and a loyal attitude to human rights and comfort are top-priority values in Canada and things of the utmost importance.
  • Almost a zero level of crime rates in the country. According to the latest statistics, Canada is included in the TOP of the 5 safest countries in the world. There are neither dangerous nor safe districts because the percentage of crimes (especially serious ones) does not exceed a few percent even in provinces.
  • Canadian nature is very varied. There are 38 national parks that are known worldwide. Additionally, there is a big number of nature reserves with their glaciers, northern lights, icebergs, waterfalls, sandy beaches. It is worth noting that three oceans wash Canada at once which makes the Canadian climate really exceptional.
  • There is an opportunity to spend your free time the way you want. In Canada, there are places for noisy parties and quiet evenings outdoors, sports events and hikes, recreation in the mountains at ski resorts, river rafting, and other extreme sports.
  • Canadians are responsible for the environment and ecology. Canada entered the list of TOP 25 countries with the best environmental condition compared to 180 other countries that were taken into consideration for this analysis.

A desire for moving to Canada is the first thing for immigration. But at the same time, you must run rampant with preparation. A potential immigrant must first choose a visa that suits him best. The next step is to select a program for obtaining citizenship or getting a permanent residence card. It is necessary to prepare the required documents and certificates, apply for a visa, confirm the level of language proficiency, and obtain permission to conduct your own business, study, or work in Canada.

Immigrants can also apply for a visa online by sending the required documents via the Internet or using a courier. But if public servants want to communicate with a potential immigrant, those candidates need to come to the visa center personally. After you have officially lived in Canada for 3 years you can receive citizenship and all the privileges of a Canadian. This is the minimum period but in some cases, it can be increased to 5 years.

The immigration status in Canada you are able to get is an exceptional opportunity to live with family and loved ones officially in the country which is in the TOP list of:

  • 10 best countries for starting your own business;
  • 20 countries in terms of economic freedom for businessmen;
  • 15 countries with the highest GDP.

It is not surprising that the country with the maple leaf on the flag is considered the most attractive for entrepreneurs and businessmen who want to invest their funds from all over the world. The investment visa allows you to take official business, using the privileges available to the Canadian people.

A permanent resident card based on an investment visa allows people to use benefits, free healthcare services, and all social programs, including doing business in other countries and traveling to other states where they do not need a visa. The family of a foreign investor will enjoy the same privileges as the local family. Children will be able to study at local schools and higher educational institutions. It will be easier for them to get a high-paying job in the future.

After 5 years of residence in Canada and doing business, the investors have an opportunity to obtain Canadian citizenship. It will allow them to participate in elections and run for government structures even for high positions. These rights are the only difference between locals and people who have a permanent residence card. To obtain citizenship, an investor does not need to live only in Canada during these 5 years. It is enough to stay in the country for 720 days or 2 years. It is especially convenient for those who have chosen the Immigration Quebec program and a startup visa.

Immigration to Canada then and now – changes in immigration visa policy

Investment immigration is one of the most popular and simplest ways to move to Canada and to apply for a permanent residence card and citizenship later. It is the best variant for those who have business experience and the necessary money savings and assets to invest. There are several investment programs for foreigners including various provincial plans that are still on demand. Also, potential immigrants can count on an investor visa through the Federal program. These programs differ in terms of a potential immigrant who is recognized as an investor.

The difference is in periods for accepting documents, their cover sheet, visa validity periods, and other requirements. The only thing that all these programs have in general is the investment funds of foreigners to the Canadian economy.

Among all programs for immigrants, the Federal ones were considered the youngest. According to them, a foreign citizen could get a permanent residence card by investing his own money. It helps to improve and develop the domestic economy of Canada. The minimum investment amount is predetermined in the program itself and changed every year depending on the period in which the investor planned to enter Canada and submitted an application.

Canada is a stable, wealthy country. It is notable with its well-developed economy. Canada has always been interesting and attractive for entrepreneurs of different levels including foreign investors. It became especially investment-attractive after the implementation of the Business Immigration Program which was adopted at the Federal level. It was designed for foreigners who were willing and able to immigrate by investing in local businesses. Due to this program, the individual retained his original citizenship, and also he could receive Canadian citizenship as the second one.

Business immigration program allowed investors to choose one of three options for working and submitting documents as an investor:

  • passive;
  • an active option where the person himself participates in the development of the state economy;
  • starting one’s own business in the territory of Canada and working there himself as a head (CEO) or a staff member.

Potential investors could be accepted if they meet all the criteria of the Federal Program:

  • availability of management experience;
  • availability of the necessary capital that must be invested in the Canadian economy by starting a business or developing an already operating business;
  • availability of a completed higher education or secondary education which corresponds to the requirements of the business;
  • knowledge of the official state language (French or English) at a sufficient level, availability of certificates or successful completion of the test and interview;
  • the ability to confirm the legality of obtaining existing assets according to official regulations;
  • no police records and criminal backgrounds;
  • medical approval, medical commission certificate.

Depending on the chosen program by the candidate, he must invest starting from 1.6 million Canadian dollars (the minimum contribution in Quebec) up to 10 million dollars (the minimum contribution for the FPIF, which came short of expectations and was closed). Investments can be both in cash on accounts and in real estate and movable property, securities, and metals, as well as parts in the business company. The main condition is that this investment value does not include monetary debts and other credit exposures.

The state investment program is also obliged to invest 240 thousand or 2 million dollars. The Government of Canada had the right to use these investments for a certain period during 5 or 15 years. After it, the funds were returned to the investor in full size. A foreign citizen who had invested his savings in the Canadian economy did not receive any profit from his investments, but he was granted a permanent residence card and citizenship. Figuratively, the investor purchased Canadian citizenship for his potential profit might be gained from his deposits.

A distinctive feature of this state investment program was not only in a large number of financial investments. It was also in the investor’s right to reduce the number of investments. Immigrants could issue financial support from the bank, which made it possible not to withdraw their cash from circulation for a long period. Such conditions allowed candidates to invest lesser amounts because most of the investment required for immigration came from a partner bank. But in this case, the funds didn`t return to the investor because they were considered as the fee that the investor pays to the bank for the use of his capital.

Unfortunately, 6 years ago this Federal-level investment program was closed. Because there were fewer potential candidates than for other valid visa programs. Investors can now obtain Canadian citizenship through Quebec and other special provincial investment programs.

Nevertheless, other available investment plans did not bring a significant contribution to the development of Canada. As a result, the Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC) was launched in 2015. It was a pilot program that aimed to arouse an interest in the new investment plan that is available for foreigners in the maple-leaf country. According to the IIVC regulations, investors placed 2 million in local currency in venture funds, while venture funds had to be included in the list of those who invest in Canadian startups. Investments are placed for at least 15 years. The investors had to obtain assets and other savings in the amount of 10 million Canadian dollars. They had to confirm the legality of their funds. The investment amount is rather big, so it is not surprising that this program did not manage to get accustomed.

To participate in the updated investment program, businessmen had to prove their experience in corporate governance and investment management. They also must confirm a high level of knowledge of French or English and provide documents of higher education. Also, potential investors need to prove the documentary evidence of investment or entrepreneurial experience. It is a rather complicated and expensive process. Due to it, the applicant had to agree to assess his capabilities with one of the following firms that are included in the list of TOP 10 financial international business companies:

  • EY;
  • BDO USA;
  • PwC;
  • Deloitte;

Any of these companies had to do a due-diligence inspection. Its price starts at $20,000. According to the check, the Canadian authorities decided whether to consider further investment documents or to reject the application.

These requirements could become a guarantee of the ability to invest on a regular basis in the country’s economy and integrate into society. The government optimistically assumed that the program would close prior to the scheduled date when 60 candidates would receive approval. But in the first year, only 7 investors submitted applications for this program. Only about ⅔ of them received approval, so it was decided to drop this program and return to proven provincial special ones. Few people in the world are ready to invest 2 million Canadian dollars in a low-profit and risky enterprise. Which will not bring cash dividends for 15 years. But this option will only allow them to live in Canada, even if it is one of the most attractive countries in the world.

This investment program was the least attractive for Russians. Because it could only be joined by multimillionaires who could prove the legality of their earnings in an amount of $10 million. The processing time for applications for such programs is 3-4 years on average. It is longer than the maximum processing time for provincial programs. And investors had to spend hefty sums of money to prove their financial solvency. There are no guarantees that their application will be approved or even considered. This Federal program has proved its usefulness and investors increasingly began to apply for other provincial programs with shorter processing times, more loyal conditions, and fewer documents that must be attached to the application.

Current Investment Programs for Immigration to Canada

Canada has revised immigration conditions for potential investors and would offer more convenient programs only on provincial levels. But it is worth notiсing that these investment plans are not available in all the regions. The main reason for updating the existing policy is the high demand for rich people and their capital among all countries from across the globe including more attractive ones for doing business. For example, in the Caribbean, there are only 5 countries that are ready to apply for an accelerated citizenship program to exchange for donations and investments in the economy.

The absence of an operating state investment program allowed for the active development of certain territories in which foreigners are ready to invest according to the conditions of obtaining a residence permit card and citizenship in the future. Regional programs allowed business investors to obtain the right to start their own business in Canada according to the loyal conditions. There are three most popular territorial programs:

TitleMinimal investor’s capitalThe required minimum amount of investmentsSpecialization of business projectGeneral work experience (years)Management experience including investments (years)
Quebec Investors ProgramUSD 1.5 millionUSD 935 thousandno limits52
Saskatchewan Immigrant ProgramUSD 385 thousandUSD 155 thousandno limits103
Yukon Business ProgramUSD 385 thousandUSD 230 thousand– IT-technologies
– industrial investments
– forestry development
– power engineering
– recreation and tourism
– agriculture
– cinema production and other industries

There are also other investment programs that allow investors an opportunity to get a residence permit card and to start their own business, such as a Startup visa.

The Quebec provincial immigration program for potential investors

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The most common immigration program among businessmen is the Quebec Investors’ Program (QIIP). According to its regulations, a potential investor must have a minimum capital of 2 million Canadian dollars, as well as he has to invest 1.2 million Canadian dollars in any Canadian business. The Quebec program identifies as investments assets that immigrants managed to earn with the help of their business projects, the inheritance, or the gift as legal means. Also, QIIP allows immigrants to use a credit option which helps the applicant to choose a non-refundable $350,000 investment amount instead of $1.2 million. Speaking about the non-refundable amount, it is provided by a financial broker or a local government-accredited bank. This credit option is often chosen by Russian businessmen. After a positive response to the application for immigration, potential investors receive the right to apply for a permanent residence card to family members. Primarily, this card is given to the investor and his spouse and minor children. In 3 years of living in Canada, investors can apply for citizenship and get a Canadian passport.

To participate in the try-out of the Quebec program and to get an investment visa the applicant must:

  • have in own property or jointly acquired with an official husband or wife legal net assets of $2 million, excluding donations received 6 months prior to the visa application;
  • to manage his own business project or to work as a manager in a large company during the period of 2 years at least. The last 5 years are taken before the application submission to calculate this period.
  • prove his ability to plan, manage, and control financial, human, or material resources in his jurisdiction. The period of school years or time for getting a higher or secondary education are excluded from career history;
  • to be ready to live and work in Quebec;
  • to sign an investment agreement with a financial intermediary as broker or trust company who are authorized to participate in the QIIP program;
  • to make an investment of 1.2 million Canadian dollars for the next 5 years with their subsequent return or to use a credit option;
  • to be within the limit of applications for a year (there are 1900 profiles this year);
  • to obtain a certificate of the study of democratic values and values of Quebec.

The last item in the above-mentioned list is a new condition to enter the program that started on January 1, 2020. Each potential Canadian resident of this province should know the democratic values and values of Quebec which are expressed in the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms. The investor’s family members who are accompanying the investor like a spouse (aged 16 and over) or children (aged 18 and over) must also obtain this certificate.

The application of a potential investor will also be assessed by other criteria such as age, education, and language skills. That is why this program is suitable for those ones whose level of English is lower than the B2 level. Another interesting fact is that until 2018 year all candidates who had applied for this program and confirmed a high level of proficiency in French were selected outside the quota according to a simplified procedure. But now everyone who decides to pass the test for proficiency in French is subject to quotas. Although they have certain benefits and their applications are priority considered.

Unfortunately, Quebec decided to renegotiate the QIIP conditions by introducing certain reforms. The acceptance of applications will be stopped until 2021. Now the initial data is until April. Those ones who plan to obtain an investment visa now or until 2021 must examine other programs, for example, a startup visa or New Brunswick.

One more program which can help you to get to Quebec using an investment visa is the Quebec Entrepreneur Program. It was developed for foreign entrepreneurs. The minimum level of investor’s capital is Candian $900,000. The person also should be ready to invest in an existing or new business project of 200,000 Canadian dollars. Participants in this program must also prove their level of proficiency in a foreign language, work experience, legality of income, and knowledge of the democratic values of Quebec. The program is planned to be closed on the 30th of September this year. But there is a chance to be extended due to the situation with the spreading of coronavirus in the world.

Startup Visa program

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The Startup Visa program allows you to become an investor in Canada and to obtain a residence permit card and citizenship in the future. To become the holder of this investment visa the applicant must have proven experience in running his own business or developing international companies, excellent knowledge of one of the state languages, and certain savings. The potential investor must invest the specified amount of money. The investment sum depends on the type of organization, business direction, and other aspects.

According to the latest statistics and research data, the interest in Startup visas is growing every day. This fact is proved by the constant growth of the number of applications for immigration and the number of positive decisions of the federal authorities. Additionally, despite other investment programs, this visa provides for loyal conditions for representatives of the IT-sphere and innovation industry development. Thanks to this program, Canada is able to remain competitive in the market of innovative solutions and ensure the stability of its own economy despite global problems of the world economy.

There are 51 foreign businessmen who have received permanent residence status due to the Startup program during the last 5 months. They were able to realize themselves in one of 26 startups throughout the country including:

  • Sydney;
  • Halifax;
  • Toronto;
  • Fredericton;
  • Waterloo;
  • Mississauga;
  • Calgary;
  • Vancouver;
  • Thunder Bay;
  • Whistler;

Offers that are considered for a positive response in relation to a foreign businessman who is planning to invest his own funds in a Canadian business include the following areas of activity:

  • food industry;
  • education;
  • healthcare services;
  • medical innovations;
  • banking;
  • PR and advertising campaigns;
  • human resources.

The government of Canada sets a quota for the number of visas issued due to this program every year. This quota is quite large, so almost all businessmen and entrepreneurs who are planning to use it and develop industries in the Canadian republic can receive approval. The government expects to receive from the implementation of Startup visas more than $800 million in 3-5 years. Startup programs will attract potential investors and highly intellectual people from all over the world.

There are three 3 main stages of Startup visa application:

  1. The presentation (showcase) of one’s own business project in a venture fund, investment group, or business incubator. They should assess its attractiveness and significance for the country, as well as the need and opportunity to allocate finance for business support.
  2. Processing of a work permit for legal employment in the country.
  3. Processing of a permanent residence card for the applicant and his accompanying relatives.

To become a participant in a Startup program it is not enough to have a certain capital. It is necessary to interest the commission and local investors in the feasibility and significance of the proposed business project. A positive decision in supporting a business depends on what size the applicant can invest to start and develop the business. Also, you need to think about the attractiveness and profitability of the project, its stage, and other factors. Due to this program, all foreign investors who do not have enough funds and funds of local investors can additionally attract business agents and incubators.

An applicant who is planning to travel to the Republic of Canada on an investment startup visa must:

  • to prove one’s capability for the maintenance of oneself and one’s relatives who plan to accompany the applicant;
  • to pass the test for proficiency in the state language (testing is conducted by organizations accredited by Immigration Canada);
  • to prove documentarily the absence of criminal history;
  • to undergo a medical commission. It is necessary to confirm the fact that the applicant and his family members who plan to accompany a potential investor are healthy.

A distinctive feature of a Startup Visa program is the possibility of considering an application for permanent residence and later for citizenship. It is possible to even for a group of businessmen who are planning to implement one project. This method of obtaining an investment visa allows people to get a residence card with minimal financial and labor costs in the shortest period of time.

Applicants don’t need to participate in interviews. Their main requirement to applicants is to prove their compliance with the Startup Visa demands. A potential foreign investor will have the opportunity to find support for his own business project from local investors if they get a quota. Also, immigrants will get a permanent residence card and realize themselves in a professional capacity at the international level.

Provincial programs for getting investment visa

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Provincial Investor Programs (PNP) are independent. Any province of Canada has the right to apply for permanent residence for a person who plans to live in its territory, to work there, to find a job, and to provide business investments in the current province.

The Quebec program is standing separately as it has existed for many years. This investment plan has become the most common among investors from other countries. Other provinces have just begun to put their own programs on the investment market in search of potential investors when the Quebec one has already risen the popularity.

That is why their conditions are more loyal for a residence card release. In order to settle in British Columbia using an investment visa, a foreigner will need to invest 200 thousand Canadian dollars in a local business and to create at least 1 job position of employment. Also, applicants must prove the existence of their own income in the amount of 600 thousand Canadian dollars, which is several times less than similar programs in Quebec or the federal level.

The provinces have an agreement with the federal government to accomplish one’s own programs to attract investors on a special visa and to receive the right to select entrepreneurs and businessmen who want to live, work and invest their own funds for the development of entrepreneurship in this region independently. This agreement allows the provinces to set their own conditions for the selection of candidates. They are much more loyal than the federal ones.

There are practically no provinces and territories that do not have quotas for investors on their own PNP using the Express Entry Pool for selection today. For example, any of the 9 main provinces can nominate candidates for investment immigration: Yukon, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick, Alberta, Newfoundland, British Columbia, and Manitoba, and others. The requirements for immigrants in these territories are different, so the investor first needs to study the conditions for applying and selecting candidates. It is possible to do it on the official websites. Then applicants can decide for themselves whether they are eligible for the program of this province or should they look for another way of immigration to Canada.

If you don’t meet all the requirements but you received a positive response from the commission, you should immediately submit a new additional application for a residence card. This application is accepted by the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration. During consideration, an application for permanent residence is taken into account whether the candidate was selected under the provincial program for investors. It can significantly reduce the selection factors and increase the chances of obtaining a residence card.

All requirements for investors who plan to move to Canada using provincial programs can be divided into 3 main groups:

  1. A contribution to the province’s economy and its economic attractiveness. Any foreign investor who wants to move to Canada must benefit society in general and make a positive contribution to the province in particular (both for social and economical spheres). Foreigners with valuable work experience and excellent knowledge of the language can apply for an investment visa, as well as investors who are ready to invest their own money in business development (in the province of their interest) under the regulations of the Business Immigration program.
  2. Payment of all necessary commissions including fees for filing an application and its consideration. This amount of money is not returned to the applicant even in case of a negative response on his application. Also, there is a fee for the registration of a residence card. In case of refusal, this sum will be returned to the applicant. An applicant who wants to get an investment visa contributes additional costs for medical care, payment for a test to check the level of foreign language proficiency as well. All the certificates like those that prove the absence of criminal records are also paid by the applicant.
  3. A medical examination is obligatory for all immigrants and their close relatives who plan to accompany the candidate. It is worth noting that applicants who pretend on the investment visa in the province are appointed by the Canadian doctors in the specified clinics. The immigration application will be considered further only in case of a positive response from the local doctors.

There are other options to get a Canadian visa for candidates who have valuable work experience and want to share it with other qualified workers. Competent and skillful immigrants can be useful for local doctors or IT specialists. These spheres develop very fast in Canada and require new comprehensive approaches.

One of such options for talented specialists is an Express Entry visa. But it can hardly be attributed as a kind of investment visa. According to it, you should work for already-existing enterprises investing only your intellectual or manual labor. This is a work visa to Canada.

General conditions for getting an investment visa

The applicant should choose a program for getting an investment visa to Canada. There are different conditions depending on the program, for example, the duration of the application consideration, a minimum number of the investments and capital accounts of the investor, and so on. A program participant more often must live in Canada during 2-5 years and must meet certain conditions to get Canadian citizenship. But what general conditions should be followed by a candidate who is planning to get a permanent residence card in this country?

First, the candidate must meet the definition of an “investor” according to Canadian standards. He must prove the legality of his income and his savings (minimum – 1.6 million Canadian dollars), provide confirmation that he has paid taxes regularly, and was not tried (the fact of no criminal records is proved documentarily).

Also, the candidate has to prove his plans to invest money or ready investments by sending an official letter with assurance. A potential candidate will be grated according to a point system. He must score at least 35 points (the maximum number of points is 100) to get a chance for a further questionnaire. The candidate is examined according to the 5 main criteria: age, experience, and work experience in the business sphere, level of education, knowledge of one of the national languages ​​in Canada, and other indicators.

This scale was developed specifically to automate and simplify the process of examining candidates who are unable in general to integrate into the country’s economy and society. An investment visa is considered one of the most useful visas for immigration despite the possible difficulties. The investor himself and his family members have a chance to get a residence card through passive investments.

Secondly, depending on the chosen program a potential foreign investor must be able to invest a certain amount of money in a Canadian business and to create new job positions of employment. These funds will be used by the Government of Canada for a certain period of time. After it, they will be returned to the investor.

An only exception is a credit option. The safety of these investments is guaranteed by the Immigration Service of Canada and the provinces where a permanent residence card was received. It helps to stimulate the creation of new job positions and economic growth. The candidate must provide for himself and his family while his investments are in the Canadian budget. That’s why he should have certain savings.

Thirdly, a foreigner who wants to apply for an investment program should remember that his work experience is taken into consideration as well. An immigrant must prove that he has experience in managerial positions for at least 2 years, including working as a manager in a business segment and controlling the percentage of assets in it. One more possible position is the head of at least 5 full-time employees. The program commission examines the last 5 years until the date of application to count these 2 years of work experience.

Time limits

A candidate who wants to immigrate as an investor must apply for an investment visa due to one of the existing programs for attracting foreign capital. He needs to get 35 points (out of 100 possible) and prove his financial solvency to get this visa. It takes some time both for the Canadian government and to you. Therefore, the time limits of an application for each program are individual and on average they can take several years. According to federal programs and in case of problems during interviews with local investors and venture funds.

Provincial programs and the Quebec Immigration Program (QIIP) have the shortest time limit. They consider the applications an average 2-3 times a year. This is several times faster than in other investment visa programs. To participate in the Quebec program. All candidates who want to get a visa due to these programs need to prepare an application and include the information about family members who will accompany them to it. This application should be sent to the Department of Immigration, which will check it. They also may ask for extra data if it is necessary.

In case of a positive decision for getting a visa, the Ministry will send an invitation for an interview. They will inform you about their decision based on their results. It can be solved as approved, refusal is possible, or refused. An employee of the Ministry will provide a memo with your further actions for immigration to the country and a special certificate (CSQ) in a letter or by e-mail upon approval of the application.

If an immigration visa application was refused, you will also be sent an official letter. It will contain an explanation of the reasons for the rejection. You would have 3 months to collect the missing information and submit it to the Ministry in case you were warned about a possible refusal.

The StartUp Visa program is one more quick way to get to Canada as a businessman. It is possible to get approval within 3-6 months. In case your project has passed all the checks and a local potential investor was found. All you need is to send a ready-made application for consideration and to get a work permit. Then you can start applying for a permanent residence card. It also will take an average of 6 months.

To sum up

There are many different programs for immigration to Canada through investments. The provincial programs and the visa due to the Quebec program are especially popular. Any foreigner can use them including immigrants from Russia. It is possible if they have certain legal savings and a desire to invest them in a Canadian business.

The main thing is to submit an application, collect all the necessary documents like a certified translation from Russian with the obligatory indication of the translator’s data is required. The last thing to do is to convince the Canadian government of your desire to live and work on its territory. It is also necessary to prove the level of proficiency in French or English excluding immigration as an investor to Quebec.

An investor has the right to get a permanent residence card not only for himself but also for close relatives who will accompany him and live together in Canada due to investment visas. Candidates can apply for citizenship and issue a Canadian passport in at least 2 years. It is recognized throughout the world and allows Canadians to travel to many countries without a visa.

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