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The H1B US work visa is one of the most popular occupation-based relocation visas to the US, and in the language of professionals, this process is called “relocation”. The H1B US work visa program was created in 1990 to facilitate the entry of specialists in areas with a shortage of the necessary workforce for the United States. We are talking about those areas of professional employment where it is necessary to have a bachelor’s degree, at least. The US Congress has limited the number of entry visas to 65,000 per year. A few years ago, another 20,000 visas were added for specialists with advanced science and high technology degrees.

H1B visa – work visa to the US

Recently, the demand among specialists from all countries for this type of visa has increased significantly. It means that every year the number of applicants for a visa far exceeds the designated number. The deadline for applying for a US H1B work visa is April 1. By law, this is the first day you can apply; however, due to many applicants, it has also become the last day to apply. On this day, there are far more requests than the number of visas issued in a given year. How are immigration authorities (USCIS) dealing with this problem? Spend a lottery, literally! Those who applied and won the lottery will receive a long-awaited visa, while those who did not are left hopeless. In addition, they are not entitled to a refund of the application fee paid. Last year, 233,000 requests were received by the immigration authorities. Only about 25% of applicants have obtained a US work visa. The visa for the selected ones is implemented from October 1 of the same year.

H1B visa – alternatives

In addition to the H1B visa, other work visas are available. For example, the O1 visa is available for people with extraordinary abilities. This visa can suit business people and professionals. For example, there is a strong demand for network security professionals. If a specialist in this field is sufficiently well known, he may be eligible for an O1 visa. The good news is that there is no limit on the number of O visas. In addition, professionals with Israeli-specific professions such as Krav Maga or scientific specializations in agriculture can obtain a P3 visa. Also, for Israelis, there is an R1 visa, a special visa for religious people. For example, Jewish communities and synagogues in the United States are looking for qualified Hebrew teachers, and religious Israelis may be eligible for this type of visa.
Another exciting type of work visa in the United States is the B1 visa. Due to the limited number of H1B visas, the embassy may grant special B1 (business tourism) visas. Unlike other work visas, a B1 visa worker can only work in the US if they receive a salary from their employer in Israel.

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