Business visa for the US – L visa

Cohen Brosh Law Firm specializes in work visas to the United States, including business visas and L visas. We help obtain a business visa – L visa in the United States for Israeli businesses that want to expand the scope of their activities.

Visa L

A business visa allows Israeli firms to send their employees to the United States to work in existing company branches, to develop and expand business activities, or to open a new branch in the United States to penetrate the American economy. The L visa is a US work visa, classified as a non-immigrant visa. A business visa allows you to obtain legal permission to work in the United States for the holder of a business visa and for a spouse who is also allowed to work in the United States without restrictions (L-2 visa). In addition, children under the age of 21 have the right to join their parents in the process of moving to the United States, enroll in schools, and so on. The L visa is not considered an immigrant visa to the United States, but it can be renewed an unlimited number of times as long as the business continues to operate. Moreover, you can apply for a green card in the USA while in America. The US L visa is one of the few work visas that allows you to apply for permanent resident status in the United States.

Who should apply for an L visa

Since the L visa is an employer visa, the application must be submitted by a US employer. The process is quite lengthy and requires preparing a file containing a large number of documents and forms.

The foreign company must prove to the US authorities a legal connection with the American company. For example, if a foreign company is a subsidiary of a US company, it must provide documents confirming this (resolutions of the board of directors, shares, tax returns, etc.).

An employee of a foreign company for whom an L visa application is being made must meet the criteria for obtaining this visa. Must meet the definition of a senior executive, manager, or person with specialized knowledge under USCIS federal law. The employee must provide the following documents:

  • Summary
  • Diploma
  • A letter confirming employment from a foreign company, which describes in detail what the employee did.
  • Resolution of the board of directors or documents of appointment confirming the transfer to the US office.
  • Any other document confirming the employee’s ability to manage the business.
  • 12 employee salary statement. 

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US immigration authorities report that in 2018, more than 71,000 L visas were issued to companies from around the world seeking US business visas for their employees. However, that same year, more than 13,000 business visa applications were rejected by immigration officials. authorities who examined the applications but found that they did not meet the required criteria. In light of the above, it is imperative that the US business visa process be handled by a US immigration lawyer who is well versed in the US business visa field and has experience working with US immigration authorities.

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