Israelis buy Canadian or US citizenship

Why citizenship by investment?

There are many reasons one might want a second citizenship. It can be to obtain visa-free travel to other countries. For mobility’s sake, it can be to travel to countries you are forbidden to travel to with your current passport. It can be to diversify your assets or obtain certain tax benefits. It can also be to have a better quality of life. Another reason is security or privacy in a neutral country in a more stable political situation.

How can you buy Canadian or US citizenship? 

Buying citizenship through investment is not the most expensive option on the scale of countries with this option, but it is demanding in terms of timelines. For example, the US requires an investment of $500,000 and Canada an investment of $640,000. The application process takes 12 to 18 months for the US and two to four years for Canada. Both result in a residence visa, Canada a permanent residence visa, which can become citizenship after four years, and temporary residency in the US, which leads to a Green Card and, ultimately, citizenship after five years.  

The US requires five continuous years of residence and limits the time you can leave for trips during the citizenship process. Canada requires four years of physical presence. The term of investment in both countries is five years. In Canada, there are options to invest in bonds, and in the US, there are a few investment options, either in rural or urban regional center projects, both of which mandate the creation of ten jobs over two years.

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Our law offices specialize in numerous legal fields, including immigration law. We have assisted numerous clients with their immigration and visa needs to the US and Canada. Thus, we know that the process can be lengthy. One way to bypass this is to obtain citizenship through investment, which is becoming a more attractive option. For those with the financial means to do so (a minimum of $250,000, in most cases), this can be a great way to obtain a second citizenship.

We are committed to providing quality service to our clients and will only take cases with a high chance of success. We work with local and international partners and have a long track record of success in our work.

If you have any questions about how Israelis can buy US or Canadian citizenship, feel free to contact us. Advocate Jamie Cohen or one of our other partners specializing in helping Israelis buy US or Canadian citizenship would be happy to assist you with your citizenship-by-investment needs.

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