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British Columbia (BC) has always been a popular destination for people immigrating to Canada. The beautiful Canadian province has a high volume of immigrants. However, the provincial government has tweaked its immigration programs to bring in individuals who will significantly influence the local economy. One such program is the Healthcare Professional stream for immigration to British Columbia under the Skills Immigration category. It was originally designed to address the shortage of medical professionals in the province. Today, in 2018, the problem persists. The Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC) reports that high numbers of BC residents are in potential danger due to the unresolved shortage. Visit the CBC website to learn more. If you are a healthcare worker, your experience is needed. Check out the eligibility requirements for immigration to British Columbia under the Healthcare Professional program below.

Are you eligible for immigration to British Columbia

1. Job offer

To qualify for BC’s Healthcare Professional immigration program, you must have a written job offer from a public health authority. The offer must be for a full-time, permanent position. The offer must be for a job in one of the following positions:

– Allied health professional (E.g. clinical pharmacist, medical laboratory technologist, Physiotherapist, etc.)

– Nurse practitioner

– Physician

– Registered nurse

– Registered psychiatric nurse

– Specialist physician

– Midwife*

If you are a healthcare worker living outside of Canada, for example in Israel, you might be wondering how to connect with BC employers. There is a solution – scroll down to read about a government supported recruitment platform called Health Match BC.

* Midwives must provide additional documentation proving acceptance into a recognized midwifery practice group in British Columbia. 

2. Experience 

To be eligible for immigration to British Columbia BC’s Healthcare Professional immigration stream, you must have 2 years of full-time work experience. 4 years of part-time work experience, will also be considered. Your experience must be in a healthcare profession that matches the one in your job offer.

You must meet the BC qualification requirements for your profession. E.g. licensing, registration, training, etc. If you are not yet able to do so, it will be enough for you to explain how you intend to meet these requirements within a reasonable amount of time. So for example, if you are a nurse in Israel, you would be expected to show your efforts and progress in registering for the College of Registered Nurses of British Columbia, the regulatory body for nurses. 

3. Minimum income 

You must meet the minimum income requirements.The income you have been promised by your BC employer must meet the minimum family income threshold. The amount will vary depending on the number of people within your family and the area that you plan to live in. Keep in mind that if you intend to reside in Vancouver, the capital city, the required amount will be greater. For instance, the minimum income threshold is $22,140 per year for a single-person household in Vancouver versus $18,452 outside of Vancouver. Similarly, a family of 4 in Vancouver requires $41,140 versus $34,387 elsewhere. 

4. Language ability 

You must speak English or French. For some applicants, such as medical workers with technical occupations, you might have to write a language test. Your results must prove that you meet the minimum required skill level of 4 in Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) for listening, speaking, reading, and writing. If you are in Israel, the approved English language test is IELTS.

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Now that you know all of the requirements, our tip is that you look into Health Match BC. It’s free and makes recruitment easy by connecting healthcare professionals with BC employers in the medical field. If you are a foreign worker with no ties in Canada, this platform could be very useful to you. Visit the Health Match BC website to read more about it.

The Healthcare Professional immigration category was created to attract healthcare workers for immigration to British Columbia. If you are a healthcare professional interested in joining the BC healthcare labour force, contact our office. As a healthcare professional, you have great potential to contribute to the Canadian economy and skills that will significantly benefit the locals of British Columbia.

If you do not meet the above requirements, don’t give up – contact us and read our article Express Entry: Fast Lane for Immigration to Canada.

Our Law Office would be happy to answer your questions.

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