Canadian Visitor Visa

Are you planning a visit to Canada? This article answers your questions about the Canadian visitor visa, eTA, and more. It includes links to the Canadian government website, which will help you determine which requirements apply to you. 

Do you need a Canadian visitor visa to visit Canada?

Your first step, long before you get on that plane, is to apply for a Canadian visitor visa or an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA). Do not wait until the last minute. How do you know which one you need? Simple. The rule is that you must have a visitor visa to visit Canada unless you belong to a visa-exempt nationality. If you are visa-exempt do not need a visa to visit Canada. But if you plan to travel by plane to a Canadian airport, you do need an eTA. For example, if you hold a national Israeli passport you do not need a visitor visa to visit Canada. You need an eTA.
If you hold a passport issued by the Palestinian Authority, you need a visa.
You do not need an eTA.
To find out if you need a Canadian visitor visa, you can go to the “Government of Canada” site. Note, US citizens and green card holders do not need a visitor visa or an eTA.

Will you need to submit biometric information?

The next step is to find out whether you need to provide biometric information or take a medical exam. What are biometrics? Basically, it means your fingerprints and photograph. Whether it applies to you or not depends on your citizenship and age. Only people from specified countries between the ages of 14 and 79 have to supply this information. For example, if you are an Israeli passport holder, you do not have to give biometric information. However, if you are a 25 year old with a Palestinian passport, you must provide biometric information. To see if you need to provide biometric information, use the tool on the “Government of Canada” website.

Will you need a medical exam to visit Canada?

If you are planning a short visit to Canada, you will not need a medical exam. However, if you are planning to stay in Canada for over 6 months, then you might need a medical exam in any of the following cases: First, you have lived in a designated country for over 6 continuous months. The medical exam is not based on your citizenship. It depends on the country you have lived in within the past year. For example, people living in Israel do not need to take a medical exam to visit Canada. Second, you are a parent or grandparent of a Canadian, and you are applying for a super visa. Third, you will work in the medical/health field in Canada with children or senior citizens. To see if you need to take a medical exam, visit the “Government of Canada” site.

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