Canada Student Visa

What many people call the Canada student visa is actually a Canadian study permit. A study permit is written permission that allows non-Canadians to study in Canada. On it you will find an expiry date and the conditions of your permit. For example, your study permit might include the name of the school you are authorized to attend, the location, and even whether or not you are allowed to work on or off campus while you are studying.

Do I need a study permit?

A foreign national cannot study in Canada without authorization. So, for most people, this means they must apply for a study permit. However, there are some cases in which individuals are authorized to study in Canada even without a study permit. For example, some programs of study for six months or less, pre-school, and more. To find out if you need a study permit, visit the Government of Canada’s Help Centre or contact our office.

The study permit is not a visa

Your letter of explanation is an opportunity for you.

It is important to remember that the Canada student visa is actually a study permit. It is not a travel visa. The study permit alone does not allow you to enter Canada. You need a visitor’s visa or an electronic travel authorization (eTA) in order to be allowed to enter Canada. Our article on the Canadian visitor visa explains which one you need and how to get it.

Can I take my family?

Of course, you can include applications for your spouse or common-law partner and children in your application package. By putting your applications together, you will simplify the process for them. In fact, your spouse or common-law partner might be eligible to receive an open work permit. It authorizes work in Canada with very little restriction.

How long can I stay? 

When your study permit expires, you must leave Canada. Remember, this was one of the conditions upon which you were granted a study permit in the first place. The visa officer was convinced that you have ties to your home country and that you would return before your permit expired. If you wish to continue your studies in Canada, it is recommended that you apply for an extension before your original permit expires. For assistance, please contact our office.

How to apply to a canadian study permit? 

Submitting a complete and perfected application package goes a long way to improving your chances and smoothing the process. It is crucial to include all of the required forms and evidence needed to prove that you meet the requirements. To learn more about the application process, please contact our office.

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Canada has over 60 immigration programs. So, if studying is not the route for you, order our affordable Canadian immigration assessment package. We will check your eligibility across all Canadian immigration programs and tell you which pathway is most suitable for you.

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