The Canadian Experience Class for Immigration to Canada

The Canadian government tailored the Canadian Experience Class for immigration to Canada, which allows people with Canadian work experience to immigrate to Canada. Interested candidates are selected to apply for permanent residence based on their potential to establish themselves and benefit the Canadian economy. This potential is measured by the points applicants receive based on personal information they provide. For example, work experience, education, language, age, prearranged work, and adaptability. This information is inputted into the Express Entry system which then ranks all candidates according to their score. Those who score the highest and meet the criteria will receive invitations to apply for permanent residence under the Canadian Experience Class. To learn more about Express Entry and creating a profile, read our article Express Entry: Fast Lane for Immigration to Canada. This will tell you what you need to know about the process.

Minimum criteria for the Canadian Experience class for immigration to Canada:

1. Canadian work experience requirement: 

You must have at least 12 months of full-time Canadian work experience within the last three years. Two years of part-time work will also count. This work experience must have been ‘skilled work experience’. Meaning, it must be classified as a managerial, professional, or technical / skilled trade occupation. Under Canada’s National Occupational Classification (NOC), such jobs are listed as having a high skill level of 0, A, or B. Jobs classified as high skilled normally require post-secondary education. If you are unsure about your work skill level, visit the Government of Canada website.

In order for your Canadian work experience to count, you must have performed the duties listed in the job description for that NOC. It goes without saying, that your Canadian work experience must have been legally obtained. This means that you must have had a work permit or authorization to work in Canada for your work history to be considered. Note that work experience that you accumulated in Canada while you were self-employed or studying full-time will not be counted. 

2. Language requirements:

You must meet minimum language requirements in English or French for eligibility. This means every applicant must undergo an approved language test. If you are in Israel, the approved language test for English is the IELTS. Your results must prove that you meet the minimum grade in writing, reading, listening, and speaking. The minimum grades for the Canadian Experience Class will vary depending on your work skill level. If you are applying based on a managerial or professional occupation (NOC 0 or A), you must have a Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) level of 7. This is equivalent to a band score of 6 in all skill areas on your IELTS exam. If you are applying based on a technical / skilled trades occupation (NOC B) you must obtain a CLB 5. Meaning you must receive a band score of 5 in listening, speaking, and writing and 4 in reading. 

3. No education requirement: 

There is no minimum education requirement that you must meet. However, you would do well to record your education history in your Express Entry profile because you can earn points. Note, that if you have non-Canadian education, for instance an Israeli diploma or degree, you must obtain an Educational Credential Assessment (ECA). The ECA will confirm that your education is equivalent to a Canadian one.

If you would like additional information on the Canadian Experience Class for immigration to Canada, please contact us. We would be happy to answer your questions.

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