E-2 Visas for Israelis Have Finally Arrived

E-2 Visas for Israelis have finally arrived. After many false starts, the E-2 investment visa to the United States is finally being made available to Israelis beginning May 1, 2019. The E-2 investment visa provides a great opportunity for Israelis wishing to start a business and a new life in the United States. There are a few important conditions to meet in order for someone to be eligible for this visa:

1. The investor must invest around $100,000 into the business.

2. The business must be located in the US, and the investor must own at least 50% of the business.

3. The business must be commercial in nature, meaning that it will produce some goods or services to the United States.

4. The investor must play an active role in the operation of the business.

5. The business should plan on hiring US workers within the first two years of operation.

Benefits of E-2 Visas for Israelis 

The benefits of the E-2 visa are many:

1. The visa is good for two years and is renewable as long as the business continues to operate.

2. The spouse of the investor also is given an E-2 visa, but unlike the investor, who can only work for the business, the spouse can work anywhere.

3. All members of the family are eligible for Social Security numbers, similar to the Teudat Zahut in Israel, although the children of the investor cannot work but can attend school.

Things to consider

Potential investors should consider the following factors before filing an application:

1. How does the investor want to organize his business?
The normal business organizations in the US are corporations or limited liability companies. It is probably best to avoid opening sole proprietorship operations.

2. Where do they want to live and work?
Each state in the United States has different rules and regulations for businesses.

3. What kind of business does the investor want to operate?
Business opportunities in the US are limitless. However, the investor should have some knowledge or experience in the field in which he wants to work. This issue will be raised at the embassy interview. One area of business not available to E-2 investors is real estate, such as investing in and renting or selling houses.

4. Does the investor want to purchase an existing business or start a new one?
There are advantages and disadvantages to both. Purchasing an existing business with current employees is sometimes easier to gain embassy approval for the visa. On the other hand, purchasing an existing business will burden the investor with the history and culture of that business experience, whether good or bad.


The E-2 visa application process is complicated and involves a great deal of documentation, including opening a company in the US, opening a US bank account, leasing an office, organizing a business plan, transferring money to the new company bank account and spending a significant amount of the investment prior to the filing of the case.

We have successfully handled numerous E-2 cases through the US embassy in Tel Aviv for those Israelis who have dual nationalities. Contact us today to set up an appointment and be on the way to relocating to the United States.

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